Palazzo Cornelia Poletto. A magical and delicious evening in the culinary variety.

"A hhhiijjiiiijjiiihhaaaaaaajiiiihaaaa", the unknown woman behind me screams deafeningly into my ear. Zack! She rams her surprisingly sharp-edged handbag into her ribs for the thousandth time. I roll my mother's eyes rolling and discreetly step forward two steps. My mother looks back conspiratorially. We are standing together in the dressing-room queue of the Palazzo Cornelia Poletto - a dinner show in a temporary circus tent directly on the forecourt of the Deichtorhallen. And right now I do not know exactly how the evening should be like this. In any case, the woman with the ambulance-like smile can not be shaken off and immediately moves closer to her. Zack! The handbag. In my ribs. "Ahhhhjajjjjaaahhihiiiijhiiiiiii!" The siren. In my ear. The tormentor belongs to a group of four women in the queue behind us. You are excited. Very. And left out. Very. Almost enthusiastic. Maybe in the run-up already one or the other cheap pearl wine drink has been in the game. Anyway, the cackling women's quartet around 45 seems to be hugely successful, so you're not all alone in this tent. But with another 350 people.

I take two steps forward and decide that I am a moss, a stone, a babbling brook and the great fire of my fellow human beings as something positive ... ZACK !!!! Aahhhhhhhjahahaahihhhihhjiiiiiiiiii !!! Well, now I've deleted certain things! I just want to turn around and the cow really violate the opinion, as the lovely young man behind the cloakroom hatch saves me/us/the evening. "You coats, please," he kisses and beams at us. We hand him our seven things and as soon as possible get rid of my personal queuing.

We enter the awning. I organize ourselves first two Sektchen with the nice bar staff. And then we finally have time to relax under the chandeliers, to look around and toast the Mother Daughter evening. The red, plush tent fills up quickly with a very mixed crowd. Some have got themselves into the right place, others seem to have come straight from work. I am very curious about what to expect. The curtain for the big main tent is still closed. However, the golden lettering "Wundermenschen" definitely promises a magical evening. (I'm shivering that it's no coincidence that we're sitting around a table with the annoying women's quartet - then the magic would reach a very special level for me.)

Then the time has come: The gong sounds, the curtain opens and reveals the view into the big main tent. For a short moment I am amazed like a small child: from the dark blue covered (and red illuminated) circus sky flash countless little stars, on the white-covered tables flickering long candles in silver chandeliers, the light breaks in glasses and mirrors and is thrown back a hundredfold. Tassels, velvet porters and red plush covers on chairs and benches make the whole thing very cozy and at the same time puffy-grand. And above all, a trapeze swings gently in the breeze.The trapeze swings just a few feet above our heads. Our waiter introduces himself - he has picturesque black curls and a charming Italian accent - and I would not be surprised if he spontaneously conjures a rabbit out of his hat. But first he conjures up drinks on our table. Meanwhile, our table neighbors have been placed. My personal nightmare "Ladies Quartet" does not come true, because the male couple on our left and the older couple on our right side make a very pleasant impression. We greet each other and wish you a nice evening. Mama is also totally happy.

Slowly the hall fills up and murmurs in expectant tension. At first, we only pay attention to the small stage and the free circle in the middle of the ring, and only gradually notice that the idea around us has long since begun. Everywhere in the hall, in the corridors, between the tables and even on the tables artists appear with small performances. Right next to us, a handstand is performed on a side table, while two tables continue to offer a lady in shimmering peacock feather gown and a gentleman with witty little hat small gags. Suddenly, a member of the ensemble sits on the free chair at our table, a few seconds later to perform a somersault. The circus has already begun and we are literally in the middle of it all.

Of course, there is also the official grand opening of the evening with a welcome by the "Showman Extraordinaire" and a lautmalerischen idea of ​​the international ensembles. And then the show starts.

In the next few hours we will be astonished, laugh, admire and enjoy in ecstasy. And I wonder all the time, how it could happen that the vaudeville actually went out of fashion so terribly. Is there a better way to combine an evening with nice people, great entertainment and delicious food? I want it - much more often!

The ensemble is top-class and fires off a great supporting program. In addition, there are very different big show acts: We see an original juggling number of Oleg Dyachuk from the Urkaine, laugh with Bande Aristique from Australia, admire the grace, grace and tremendous body control of Lena Gutschank from Germany, amazed by the speed and the tricks of hula hoop artist Igor Boutorine from Russia, freaking out on the dance and percussion numbers of Up and over it from Ireland, find Burl - the Bubble Guy from the USA awesome and fascinated by the erotic-romantic trapeze number of Xander and Mélanie from Canada.Everything is lovingly prepared, very good in taste - and the portion size is definitely enough for taller men.

Here is a colorful cross-section of the culinary and artistic experiences:

At the end of the less than four hours we are completely happy, deliciously satiated and very satisfied, it was a truly magical evening, which we will not forget for a long time that can bring me that night not a bit more from the rest of the herüberwehende outside flowing amount "Ahhhhjajjjjaaahhihiiiijhiiiiiii!".

Palazzo Cornelia Poletto
13 November 2016 to 05 March 2017

Deichtorstrasse 1
20095 Hamburg
Tel .: 0180 6 388 883
Tuesday to Saturday at 19.30 Sunday at 18.00
inlet 60 minutes before the show
takes about 3½ hours