{Couple Weekend & Baltic Sea} The Food Festival Grand Schlemm: a beach walk with great food and wine galore

S Imagine, you walk along a beach, your feet sink into the sand again and again, to the right of you the sea splashes, to the left of you the white facades of old villas shimmer through the trees , You come to two, three small white tents that are set up on the beach. Someone gives you a friendly smile, puts a plate of selected delicacies in one hand and a glass of cool wine in the other hand (ha!). Everything tastes wonderful. You sigh with satisfaction, feel a small breeze on your face and let your eyes wander slowly over the smooth sea. A few seagulls raise the alarm during a flight competition for some flotsam. You watch them for a moment in amusement and then turn to a new glass of wine. At some point, the most amazing person in the world asks next to you "Well, do we want to go on?" You nod and look along the beach. There are waiting for the next few kilometers, nine more small white tents with delicious plates and exciting wines. You go hand in hand along the way.

Sounds like a little dream? But it is totally real: Grand Schlemm is the name of this culinary beach walk, which takes place every year in May in the imperial baths on the Baltic Sea. Last year, the man and I rushed up in an unplanned tiny rental car to the Baltic Sea. The child we had parked with grandma and could not believe that we should have two rabbits two days now with delicious food, alcoholic drinks and the sea all to ourselves. Despite sardine cans on wheels, locked bridges in some cities and small hotel confusions (yes, my fault), we arrived just in time, threw the bags to the room and are directly scratched.

At the Pier in Ahlbeck is the starting point, where you between 14 and 16 clock arrives. You will be given your ticket there, greeted with a glass of champagne and a goodie bag, and you will receive your ticket with the various stations and descriptions of the dishes and wines. And then you just start walking at your own pace. A total of 10 kilometers of stations are on the program, which are served by 10 regional hotels and restaurants with sophisticated cuisine. Corresponding wines from winemakers from Germany are served for this purpose. If you feel like it, you can not only feast and drink, but also talk to winegrowers and restaurateurs about their philosophy and their products. Or just take a break at a particularly nice and quiet spot next to a cutter, squat in the sand and enjoy the wind around your nose.

Although the weather on the day of the Grand Schlemm was actually a bit drizzly and it even rained a few times, we enjoyed the culinary walk to the fullest.And when we arrived paper-thin and in a relaxed mood at the dessert, it was already pitch dark. We could have finished the evening with the other participants with drinks and live music in the funny "Tent of Pleasures" which was lit with fish. But we preferred a bit more the two-sided silence on the beach and warmed up in the hotel room by the fireplace.

We stayed for one night in the Ahlbeck Hotel & Spa, a relaxed, modern hotel with its own craftsmanship Bakery, a great breakfast buffet and remote controllable fireplaces in the room. That was my absolute highlight - lie in bed, tap the remote and - fump! - the fireplace comes on and can be controlled from the "small cuddly fire" to the "blazing inferno" infinitely. The hotel also has studios and suites - if you want to bring the rest of the family. The hotel's own wellness area we did not explore further. The next morning lured with blue sky - and therefore we had to get out of bed and after a great breakfast up on the beach promenade. Once again we let the wind blow over our noses, until we made our way back to our real world in our Winz car at lunchtime.

If you also feast on Grandma want: on 07. May 2016 the next Grand Schlemm takes place.
You can find all information about this year's menu, the chefs and winegrowers, tickets and arrangements on the homepage.

You should think it over, find the man and I. If you go, tell me how you liked it.