The vegan 90-second chocolate cream "Death by Chocolate" - so healthy and incredibly fast

F For all chocoholics who have always wanted to snack without a guilty conscience: what if I told you now that you can not just eat as much as you want from this incredibly chocolaty cream but that she is downright healthy and also prepared in less than 2 minutes ... would not that be a small dream ?! Would not you just want to eat a huge bowl? N/A? Yes, exactly!

At home, this vegan version of "Death by Chocolate" is just the big hit - man and child are crazy about it and ask every night, if there is again this delicious chocolate stuff. And since that does not require tons of calories, cream, eggs and fat, I can then disappear charming charming in the kitchen and reappear a few moments later with this delicious Naschkram.

The Effort : 90 seconds.
The ingredients : Three things you always have in your house.
The result : Surprisingly good and at most chocolaty.
The secret : Cold bananas are made with pure cocoa powder and a spoonful of peanut butter or almond paste in a blender to a foamy cream. That's it.
The family : Happy.
The best : You can easily adapt the recipe to your preferences. Take less or more cocoa powder, try small biscuit crumbs or chocolate chips as a topping. Combines edible flowers and fruits or - very spoiled - chopped Muh candies. The list of ideas can be expanded endlessly ...

The insanely simple idea comes from a Scandinavian cookbook and I read about it a long time ago on the great blog Green Kitchen Stories - and promptly concentrated it away. When I recently thought about how to make the family diet better, without giving up completely on sweets, there came a small piece of memory. And now the family is "Death by Chocolate" -infected.

And here's the recipe for 1 serving of vegan chocolate cream" Death by Chocolate "

1 medium firm banana (preferably from the fridge), 1 tbsp cocoa powder (no sugar!) and 1 tsp peanut butter

Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Pour into small (or large) bowls and add to taste Pimp or simply spoon pure toppings.

Tip : I have prepared the cream with a blender, but found the result in the blender fluffier and of Consistency more convincing. As an alternative to peanut butter, you can use almond flour or any other nut cream with no added sugar.

Next time I'll try frozen bananas ...

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