Quick quesadillas with guacamole after Jamie Oliver

V or some years ago, the man and I watched Jamie Oliver's cooking show every Saturday morning on television. I lounged on the couch like a little stranded white whale. Because I was pregnant, the stomach was unimaginably large (in fact, should be even bigger!) And I felt - well - just like one of those big sea creatures on the dry land. After a busy work week, a quiet Saturday, Jamie and his meal were always just the thing to let the soul and swollen feet dangle. We almost did not miss any program and the loudly sung theme tune had at least as much appeal as the crime scene opening credits: everyone on the couch right away, let's start!

How much we love our little Saturday ritual about the Had become months (and that there was this ritual at all), we only noticed, when the broadcast was discontinued at some point without warning. We sat ready, decaffeinated coffee in hand - but there was no Jamie. We checked the station, this broadcast time, the day of the week. Everything was right. Only the program was not right. What a cheek! I was snapped, hormonally moved, and swore eternal revenge. Spontaneously, I wanted to erase the transmitter forever from our remote control.

The best man of all has then tripped out some follow up on the internet as a replacement, which we looked at on his machine. On this way we also stumbled over the early Gordon Ramsay. After all.

Meanwhile, Jamie is widely known, has published a dozen cookbooks, and for a year, his magazine "Jamie" (oh was) is also available in the German market. The current issue Bella Italia comes with a DVD with three episodes from the TV series. Jiphiieh!

We celebrated our personal Jamie revival with one of our favorite recipes from his show. We've been cooking and loving these Quesadillas for years and have driven some of our guests into addiction.

Now it's your turn:

And here comes the recipe for quick quesadillas with guacamole, according to Jamie Oliver

For the guacamole: lengthwise, remove the kernel and use a spoon to make the pulp. With 2 tbsp yoghurt, 1/2 tsp salt , pepper , juice 1 lime , 1 clove garlic and in a blender or blender to a smooth cream.
Cut 1 small onion
and 1 tomato into very fine cubes, put a few aside for the garnish and stir the rest under the guacamole. Possibly. season with salt and pepper . Sprinkle with chopped cilantro and tomato and onion cubes.

For the Quesadillas:
150 each g Edamer and Cheddar rub roughly. Clean 3 large spring onions , wash them and cut them into fine rings with the green at an angle. Cut 2 small or 1 large spicy chilli into very thin slices. Wash 1/2 cup of plain parsley and coriander , shake dry and chop.

Mix the grated cheese with the vegetables and herbs in a bowl.

Prepare 4 large or 6 medium ready-made tortilla wraps (from the well-stocked supermarket or from the Turkish greengrocer). Spread half of the wheat patties and cover generously with the cheese mixture. Then ever another pancake like a sandwich hang up.Fry for 3 minutes until the cheese has run inside.

Quarter or tortillas and serve with the guacamole.